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Grain Free Dog Food Link To Heart Disease Simplified

As many dog owners are aware, the FDA published a list of 16 grain free diet brands linked to a significant uptick in the incidence of the deadly canine heart disease, Dilated Cardiomyopthy (DCM), and an incidence of DCM in dog breeds where it was never before seen.  DCM historically was a strongly genetically linked disease in a small handful of large to giant breed dogs, such as Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes.  Alarmed by seeing a growing incidence of DCM in breeds where it was never before seen, a large group of veterinary cardiologists in the Baltimore area performed retrospective h

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Why Choose MMP Over TPLO for Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear Of The Dog Knee

The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is the major stabilizing ligament that lies deep within the canine knee joint.  Rupture or tear of this ligament is a very common injury in the hind legs of dogs.  Rupture of the CCL causes a forward thrust, also known as a sheer force, of the tibia when the dog is in motion or even just weight bearing.  The image below illustrates the nature and consequence of rupture of the CCL.

Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) tear of the dog knee

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Why Pet Insurance?

One of the more tragic circumstances we face in the veterinary industry are times when owners are left with the impossible decision of putting themselves or their families in financial peril by paying for much needed pet health care, versus opting for minimal care that they can afford or even euthanasia if an injury or illness is grave enough.

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Offensive Breath is Never Normal

Let's face it, our cats and dogs rarely have pleasant breath, but because we are so accustomed to our dogs and cats having some level of stinky breath, pet owners all too often write off offensive breath as just a normal part of canine and feline existence. Of course, the word offensive is a subjective term observed by the person taking in the scent of the breath, but let's just say that once breath reaches the point of smelling like a decaying fish carcass or fecal matter, it has reached the point of offensive.

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Early Screening for a Silent Killer

We are all too familiar with the epidemic of high blood pressure, aka. hypertension, in people, but most pet owners are not aware that hypertension is a common and potentially serious condition in dogs and cats.  Studies have concluded that up to ten percent of dogs over the age of 7, and a whopping twenty plus percent of cats over 7 suffer from hypertension.

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Getting Serious About Pet Nutrition

This blog post is for pet owners that really want to get serious about their pets’ nutrition, and the first step of getting serious is letting go of fad or fashionable diets, sensational and unfounded ideas about pet nutrition that are touted on internet chats forums, or by non-medically trained people in the pet industry that try to pass themselves off as nutrition experts (groomers, breeders, etc.).  Getting serious begins with trusting your veterinarian first and foremost to advise you in your pets’ nutrition rather than a person with no veterinary medical training that somehow came to b

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Disease Preventive Nutrition in Dogs and Cats

Having set the stage in my previous post to help free my readers of commonly held pet food myths, in this week’s post, I endeavor to share with you the newest and most innovative form of pet nutrition: disease preventive nutrition.

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